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About Us


VCNebraska empowers athletes and coaches to achieve excellence in volleyball and in life.


At VCN we aim to provide the highest quality volleyball experience for our coaches, players, and parents. We hope to equip athletes for their future by fostering an environment of accountability and integrity.  Our community of coaches empowers athletes to take ownership of their journey and create a culture built on trust.  At VCN we strive for excellence on and off the court.

Core Values

  • Community
  • Accountability
  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Trust
  • Empowerment

Where We Started

VCNebraska was founded in 2010 by former Husker National Champion and professional volleyball player Maggie Griffin.  Growing up playing volleyball in the Chicagoland region, Maggie felt there was a need for a similar club structure in Lincoln, focusing on specific training techniques and a higher standard of coaching.  

Maggie has experienced a number of different styles of training and competition including play in the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, China, Japan, the Netherlands, and Switzerland, as well as widespread travel throughout the United States.  After an extensive playing career, Maggie decided to continue her passion in volleyball and experience the sport from another angle.  While creating VCN, Maggie received an invitation to join the Husker staff from a coaching standpoint, where she trained and developed the setters alongside head coach John Cook for 2 seasons.  With the growth of VCN over the years, Maggie now runs the club fulltime while maintaining a great relationship with the Husker program and staff.  

VCNebraska was created with the idea that learning the fundamental skills of volleyball at a young age can have an immensely positive affect on the growing athlete.  However, these skills must be taught the correct way in an environment that is conducive to experiencing discipline, success, and enjoyment.

VCN aims to develop a sense of community amongst players, parents, and coaches.  Our practice structure is conducive to fostering this environment, as multiple teams practice together.  

At VCNebraska, we find coaches that are in line with our core values and are role models to our players.  Once we feel our staff is complete, we will then hold tryouts to enlist players to fill positions within those teams.  This is one of many advantages a player and parent will find upon joining the VCN family.

While our main focus is to teach and train volleyball, our goal is also to develop the total person.  Learning the skills and struggles that go along with any sport can also help in the development of character and teach crucial life lessons.  The ability to work with others, be held accountable, compete, and find success are all situations we work towards together at VCN.  We are dedicated to relaying the most positive and rewarding experience for every player that walks through our doors.  Our commitment and intention is to continually mentor and help our players on and off the court.


Husker National Champions 2006